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Combined filter type FP-2131-IV-W

CIOP No.: 113/BD

Trade symbol: OP-104

Producer: Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego "PZL-WARSZAWA II"

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FP-2131-IV-W is an industrial, multi-gas combined filter. It can protect against around 55 different vapour and gaseous substances. The filter cannot be used if the oxygen concentration in air is less than 17% and/or there are multiple toxic substances or their concentration is unknown. If the filter was initialy used against one substance, it cannot be used against a different substance in the future. Every use should be noted (time of usage, concentration, type of a toxic substance).

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Manufacture date: 1981
Producent: WSK PZL Warszawa II
Thread: Rd40x4


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