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Type PM-3 Anti-dust Dual filter Half-mask

CIOP No.: 105/BD

SWW symbol: 1374-552

Trade symbol: OP-118

Producer: Wytwórnia Sprzętu Komunikacyjnego "DELTA" Warszawa II Zakład w Złochowicach

Description and photos

Polish industrial half-face mask used for protection against dust. Produced in olive (early) and red (latter). Newer version of that model, after the name change is MP-12/2-AL.

Półmaska #1
Manufacture date: 1959
Size: 2

A quality of foam seal has surprised me. Despite a long time it still looks brand new - does not flake off.

Półmaska #2
Manufacture date: 1970/1979? (data zatarta)
Size: 2
Półmaska #3
Manufacture date: 1981
Size: 2
Półmaska #4
Manufacture date: 1979
Size: 2
Półmaska #5
Manufacture date: ?
Size: 2

Quite unusual half-mask. I am not sure if it is PM-3, but as it's closest to said model, I've decided to qualify it as a PM-3.

It differs by a smooth rubber, lack of a nose holder and by an additional rubber chin-rest.


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